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to make holy; to set apart for holy use; to consecrate; to treat or keep as sacred
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Breathing With the hallowTM
Natural Cloud Formation
"hallow" Cover Story
Scroll over picture see black and white copy of clouds

I was going to my sons home to work on the cover of this CD.
We had discussed several ideas in the past year and half with no certainty.
As I was turning into his subdivision I looked into the sky, I saw a feathering of clouds laid out on the bluest sky my eyes had seen for a long time.

I knew at that moment I needed to take a picture in that very spot for the CD. I called my son to see if he had his camera at his home, because I  only had my  phone camera. He told me he was getting in the shower (sorry son LOL) but my daughter in law would come out with the camera.

So seconds pass, I'm in the drive way, my daughter in law is now walking toward me. I'm feeling kind of funny because I really don't know how she feels about the spiritual side of my life. We have never really spoke of such things.

She was a trooper, camera in hand ready to shoot. We got some of the clouds  standing in the drive, yet not where I wanted to be. Again my dear sweet daughter in law, had to hear me say "can we please go to the entry of the subdivision".  I knew I needed to be there because  something special was about to happen.

My boys laugh at me for my beliefs, we don't speak much of godly-things except traditionally, I think its to controversial for them at this time.  My daughter's path is open to change and she loves her mama just as she is...  my boys will come around, every thing in its own time. 

Back to my story,

We get out of the car, I look up into the sky, from the feathering of clouds, an eagle starts to appear, "Oh My God!!!" Oh My God" I got so excited.
I started pointing and directing the camera shots saying , "GET THAT, SEE THIS, OH MY GOD!!!"  I kept saying over and over.
The clouds change from an eagle to a dragon, and there was a grouping right under the eagle... I couldn't really see what it was but my intuition was telling me to get the whole shot.
So I asked her to shoot the clouds as one, she said she had just taken it...


I say synchronicity. Many events have happened to led up to this journey in making the MP3 &  CD to share with you.

I don't believe in coincidence!!!! 
DO YOU? What do u see in the clouds???  

              Stay tuned
    E-book coming soon !!!

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