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to make holy; set apart for holy use; to consecrate; to treat or keep as sacred
 Spiritual MethodologistTM
Breathing With the hallowTM
Methodologist is an expression used throughout history. Describing an individual who has knowledge, knowing or has been schooled in the procedures of a particular field.

Synchronicity Begins
  Have you ever considered the power of synchronicity when it comes into your life?  Most often synchronicity is described as being the opposite of coincidence - coincidences being random and meaningless, and synchronicity being a divine plan of sorts.

Synchronicity" is a term coined by famous psychiatrist Carl Jung to describe meaningful coincidences for which there are no known causes, yet which he regarded as being more than pure chance. He was referring to events where a psychic event appears to orrespond to a physical one. 

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Find external and internal Bliss breathing with the hallow. 
Three simple steps to bring heaven to earth. 
The cover that you see below is a natural cloud formation, read one of the stories of synchronicity!!!


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