Spiritual Methodologist
Methodologist is an expression used throughout history.
Describing an individual who has knowledge,
or has been schooled in the procedures of a particular field. 

This is a method of breathing  and not a meditation. That can be used during meditation or any other activity. It is a simple yet complex way of changing the way you breathe, allowing you to be able to hold on to your bliss and to be in a constant state of joy.

Learning to breathe this way  will allow you to enhance your senses. When you start out learning this breathing method it's slow, as you master it the possibilities are unlimited for its uses. 

All the love you build with your breath will encompass your whole being. The LOVE that joins your energy  changes your thinking process so  all the significant things in your life are amplified.
If you work with energy and work with metaphysical tools this will increase your flow of energy. 

I have been in bliss, then fallen to great despair.  With using this method of breathing it literally saved my soul when I lost all feeling and emotion in 2011.

I believe this breathing method was given to me over seven years ago through Divine Understanding.  Over the years and through the many books I have read, they all tell you what your breathing can do. But there is no guide on how to actually get there...  So here it is, in this CD or MP3, are my details on how this breathing method allowed me to hold on to my Bliss!

At the top, I said this method of breathing was complex. It took awhile because most of us aren't used to feeling such love.  You'll actually change your vibration.  In the beginning it was exhausting at times to feel a constant stream of love over come your body and mind.

But because I wanted it so badly I continued to practice. And low and behold, it happened. My bliss never ended and at one point it became automatic. All I needed  was to think about my feelings and the breath just took over with the hallow.
It was magical...

I have been told by a Shaman and a renowned Medium that when I practiced this method of breathing in front of them pink came into my aura. Pink is a very loving spiritual color and places your core being in connection with the universal power of pure love and I believe God.

Mastering this breathing method may it change your life as it did mine.

With all the Love I can Muster

The hallow


Have you ever considered the power of synchronicity when it comes into your life?  Most often synchronicity is described as being the opposite of coincidence - coincidences being random and meaningless, and synchronicity being a divine plan of sorts.

Synchronicity" is a term coined by psychiatrist Carl Jung to describe meaningful coincidences for which there are no known causes, yet which he regarded as being more than pure chance. He was referring to events where a psychic event appears to correspond to a physical one.

With this CD or audio tracks we will be giving you the three simple steps to being in constant joy, love and bliss.
Your feelings of enlightenment will expand. I have had amazing chains of events that have happened to me while using this method of breathing.
Finally  three simple steps anyone can follow, to achieve bliss. There's a lot of talk about it, but no one has ever  actually showed me how.
Well here it is!!!  simple, yet challenging, most of us are not accustom to being in the state of love for longer than a moment, but you can strengthen and change your energy, just by learning to breathe with the hallow.  All it takes is practice and a little visualization...

Love and Light

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Find external and internal Bliss breathing with the hallow.  Three simple steps to bring heaven to earth. 
The cover that you see below is a natural cloud formation, read one of the stories of


Copyright Deborah Belle 2012

Tracks 1-4, and 6 recorded at Strength Productions Studios
Tracks 1-4, and 6 edited by Lux Productions

Track 5 recorded by Chris Barnet copyright Deborah Belle 2010
Track 6 music by Lux Productions in cooperation with Deborah Belle

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